About ShopWhere

ShopWhere is a place where almost any business or individual can create an advertisement and have it shared in minutes. This includes traditional brick-and-mortar-businesses, Internet only businesses, and individuals.

Advertisements are quick to create, professionally presented, economical in cost with big discounts tied to the length of time one advertises, location based, and easily shareable on social media platforms.

Businesses and individuals advertising on ShopWhere are able to have one or as many advertisements live or standing-by ready to Go Live.

Marketing professionals can use one ShopWhere account as a platform to create and manage advertisements for multiple client businesses.

Advertisements can be created, saved, previewed, edited, and even copied for use as the template for a new one. Advertisers can have one or many advertisements live at once, and all can be updated while they are live. One can even pause an advertisement as long as it’s done wholly within the purchased advertising period.

Creating a ShopWhere account is free. Creating an advertisement is free. Only when ready to Go Live, do you pay for the time period that is selected for your advertisement to be published and shareable.

ShopWhere was developed out of what we saw was a need to bring flexible and cost effective advertising to the masses, while providing an easy way for the public to find things.

Our hope is for the public that sees an advertisement that was created on ShopWhere and the businesses that have advertised on ShopWhere, benefit from the ShopWhere website, ShopWhere phone apps, and ShopWhere advertising platform.